Lovelifefashionstyle” aka “LLFS”, is a Style & Lifestyle Blog, where we believe that Style is not just about sporting the latest fashion trends but is a way of Living. It’s a place for all the fashionholics, who constantly draws inspiration from the web. #LLFS was born in 2013 purely for the love of all things fashion and within the years that it has been live, it has generated a magnificent response and with an ongoing race to some of the best blogs. 

IMG_1493 copy

Urvashi, who is the Founder & Creative Mind behind #LLFS, is a perfect combination of Fashion & the numbers that push it. An Engineer/MBA by day (and therefore the numbers),  crunching the latest fashion trends and analyzing the next move by night, Urvashi does it all. She firmly believes that Fashion is an Art and intends to bring high street style and fashion for girls & working professionals, keeping it wearable and real, at the same time. 

This blog is a way of mixing my two obsessions and narrating my adventures. So, come join me in this journey and as the name says, it’s the one place stop for all your Love in Life, Fashion & Style, so let’s just have fun !!!

“To be happy you must be your own sunshine.”

         – Charles Edward Jerningham

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  1. nekane says:

    Hi ….. I highly appreciate your comments and feedback, it is a pleasure to have such a good inputs waiting on the inbox ;). Regarding English translation, I was wondering about to move a step ahead and start to publish also in this language, I guess your comments will definitely push me in that direction… warm regards . Very Kissessss


  2. Thanks Nekane….. I really hope and wish that you start publishing in English as well soon for your fans and hardcore followers like me. .. 🙂
    Loads of love. ..
    🙂 :* ❤


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