It’s time to #ShareTheLoad with Ariel

Hello My Gorgeous People,

So I recently got to attend the panel discussion at the media launch of the #sharetheload movement by @ariel.india and also to celebrate an astounding15 million views of their latest film. Sons #ShareTheLoad released on Jan 24, 2019.To make the event all the more impactful we also had some prominent names like Rajkumar Rao, Tisca Chopra, Patralekha, Gauri Shinde and the brainchild behind the whole campaign, BBDO Head Josy Paul, and Enakshee Deva, Brand Communications Lead, Fabric and Home Care, P&G India, as part of the panel who threw light upon the societal conditioning that we are exposed to, the gender disparity in India and why is it that we (especially the men in the society) need to change our perspective towards it!

In fact, at the event, some eye-opening Nielsen survey statistics were revealed. One of the stats that totally shocked me was that ’72 per cent of women believe that weekends are for grocery shopping, laundry and getting homework done, while 68 per cent of Indian men believe that weekends are for relaxation.’ Below shown are few other stats for your insight:

I also loved how each one of the panelist shared their experiences and personal anecdotes of how they play an equal partner back at home which made it so easy for us to relate to the whole campaign. I also heard a few from among-st us share, as to how they had to leave a job post having a baby and that made me realize the importance of the movement that Ariel has started. If my family (and that includes both the men and women in my family) didn’t play a balanced role in the household chores, would I be still doing what I’m doing today.

Taking up a new job, continuing to have a blog and that too after having a baby would’ve been impossible had I not have a supportive husband, parents and in-laws who made sure that I didn’t have to burden myself at home. But probably in today’s age I’m fortunate enough to have all this without having to ask for it and that this thought process is yet to penetrate the masses in India. And I’m so glad that time and again Ariel has been trying to change this mindset through medium that touches our hearts. Watch the film below and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about:

Thought so provoking and powerful – We can expect our daughters to grow professionally only when we teach our Sons to #ShareTheLoad ~ and this is as true and real as it can get! So if you’re a parent to a boy, reading this, I request you to teach your son the importance of being an equal partner in household chores, for him to have a happy family 

Let’s change the ‘YOU’s to ‘WE’s and #sharetheload not only at work but at home too – A societal change is the need of the hour!

I really hope that this thought resonates with you as much as it did with me and here’s looking forward to SharingTheLoad together for a happier and brighter future!

Loads of love



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