WTW TO WORK | The Trench Dress (Monsoon Edition)


Hello my wonderful friends,

So I’m back here again to give my two cents on what I prefer to wear to work during the crazy monsoon season in Mumbai!

Well, it’s a known fact amongst my friends that as much as I love monsoons, I dread the idea of drenching in it on my way to work! And who doesn’t?

Over the years I’ve, however, have managed to learn few DOs and DONTs that help me stay put together at my workplace even on those gloomy days. Listing them down below:

  1. Dresses (especially knee-length/midi length ones) are your best friends | simply Coz it’s a complete outfit in itself plus chances are they will hardly get effected by the rains (thanks to their length) and hence will keep you dry!
  2. Sticking to ankle length trousers | it’s the length again which makes it apt for the monsoons unlike other full length trousers. You can also perhaps fold it twice up and it’ll still make you look chic!
  3. Layering your outfit | contrary to the norms, I always (well, most of the time) try to layer during the monsoons with a basic pair of garment underneath! This helps me keep myself dry while it’s the top layered clothing item which takes the beating!
  4. Keeping a shoe change (a pair of heels) at work | Even though I’m one of the fortunate ones who don’t have to depend on the local means of transport to commute to work, I still prefer wearing my rainy pair of shoes to work and then change it while I’m at my desk. That way I don’t have to worry about my expensive heels getting spoiled in the rains at all. Plus it’s always better to be in flats, especially on days when I’m running late to work:.. haha !
  5. Doing my makeup at work (even the basic one) | this is a no-brained and I guess most of us prefer doing this ~ doing out makeup at work!
  6. Gel polish over any other | No matter how long lasting a particular nail paint is, I always faced the nail paint chipping off within a day or two of application, thanks to the constant moisture. That’s exactly the reason why I switched to gel polish! No hassle of getting my nail paint fixed every now and then. (A chipped nail paint is a big No No) and if you’re one of those who don’t like gel polish, don’t wear a nail paint at all in that case ~ BEST!
  7. Minimum to no-jewellery | A pair of diamonds studs and my engagement ring is all I stick to. And ya, I do carry my wrist watch in my bag and then wear it once I’m at work.
  8. Office desk essentials | Few things that I keep at my desk (for saving me on days when the rain Gods decides to be rude to me) ~ a small hair dryer, a pair of clothing change, a blazer!

So ya, that is all! Also, coming to do this look, like mentioned I opted for this really cool trench coat/dress to layer over a basic black dress. Belted it up at the waist to give me some curves and opted for electric blue heels to compete the look!

Hope you guys liked this post!

Until the next time, Loads of Love, 



:: wearing :: Trench Dress, @promod | Heels, @stevemadden | across Bag, @michaelkors

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