Product Review | Myglamm Scrubilicious

So, my love for matte liquid lipsticks is a known fact! And I’m also aware the kind of adverse effects it tends to have on my delicate lips! Scrubbing & moisturising my lips is the only way out but given how time consuming the process is.. I seldom got around to do it!

Until recently when I discovered about this miraculous product called “Scrubilicious” by @myglamm. And you know what the best part is.. it moisturises and scrubs my lips at the same time! What’s more unique about this product is the fact that it leaves a subtle tint on my lips which enhances the color of any lipstick that I apply on top of it!

Step 1 ~ Wear it like any other lipstick

Step 2 ~ Scrub subtly to let the salts dissolve

What I love the most about this product is that it’s extremely handy, mess free and that it instantly preps my lips for any sort of lipstick application by creating a smooth base. All I have to do is swipe it on my lips (just like a lipstick), Scrub it lightly and then wait a minute for the salts to work their magic which eventually dissolve in no time, thus creating smoother fuller looking lips! It’s that simple! No need to rub it off!

It’s been a week that I’ve been regularly using it and you’ll always find me carrying it in my bag! Takes less than a minute to make my lips look smoother ~ which is certainly the first product of its kind in India and I so urge you guys to give it a try too and you can always thank me later ☺️

Until the next time, Loads of Love, 



“Scrubilicious” by MyGlamm |

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