Product Review | Roghan Badam Shirin

Having heard the goodness of pure almond oil and the various Health benefits of the same, I always wanted to give it a try! But given how difficult it is to find the purest form of it, I never got around to trying it. Until recently when Hamdard (a brand I trust) launched Roghan Badam Shirin which is 100% pure almond oil, I was more than excited to give it a try!
And guess what, it’s not only me who’s reaping the benefits of this miraculous product, I’m making sure that Aadore (my four month old daughter) is getting her good old traditional benefits of a healthy almond oil message!

Anybody who’s met Aadore will agree that If there’s one thing that she enjoys the most, it has to be her massage & bath time! And it was only recently that my doctor suggested me to shift from plain coconut oil to pure almond oil for her massages, as it helps in the development of stronger bones along with moisturising the skin. I love how lightweight this oil is with very subtle and soothing fragrance. However, I would suggest you consult your baby’s paediatrician before using any new product on your Baby.

And as far as I’m concerned, given that I’m still recovering from the whole pregnancy bit, this product comes as a life saver. I’ve found multiple ways to use this product and here are few of the best ways that I’ve seen it giving me the best of results.
While I make sure that my body gets the necessary amount of exercise, I also ensure that I consume the right nutrients to help me build my lost stamina.

Roghan Badam Shirin is one such product that’s helping me build my immunity and strengthen my bones too. I prefer having it with hot milk just post my workout. And trust me I do feel quite energetic over consistent consumption of the same.
And apart from having a tablespoon of this oil with my milk, I’ve been using the same for a hot head message too and I’ve noticed a distinct difference in my hair! Hair fall is one of the challenge at a Postpartum stage but luckily I’m not facing any of those… thanks to the enriched moisturization that this pure almond oil is giving me, not only externally but internally too!
So these are the few health benefits that I’ve seen this product give me and my family and I hope you find it useful too!
Until the next time, loads of love,

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