WTW To Work (Postpartum Edit)

Hi guys, hope you all are doing great! Well, it’s been long since I actually sat down to write a blog post and if you follow me on any of my social media handles, you’ll know exactly the reason why! It’s been just over a month that I delivered my gorgeous baby girl and life has been immensely beautiful and crazy hectic ever since then! It’s safe to say now that pregnancy does change your life for the better but I wish I could say the same for ones body too ‘Coz it clearly doesn’t!

Being a young working mom [given that I’m just 28 years and people my age don’t even get married these days ;)], the first thing that hit me up was to fit into my clothes and we all know, by now, just how difficult it is and that it takes its own time (even if you start working out right after a month of delivering a baby). And till such time that I loose all my Postpartum weight, it was essential for me to dress right. Plus I refused to take comfort in baggy shady clothes, especially at my workplace where I prefer looking smart and structured!

I know for a fact that a many in my situation face this problem of what to wear to look presentable ‘Coz come on, each one of us feel good when we look good and dressing smart is key essential for the same. I recently attended a couple of events and loved how I got complimented on loosing weight and looking as if I haven’t just had a child! Well, the truth is I haven’t lost any weight (though I’m persistently at it) .. it’s just that I dress smart!

So here are few pointers I keep in mind these days and I really hope you can pick some too if you’re sailing in the same boat as of me 🙂

Wearing Heels – can’t emphasise enough on how it can totally change your posture. It was difficult for me to start wearing heels again (given that I was on my flats ever since I got pregnant) but wear it couple of times and you’ll get there eventually!

Long Jackets/Coats – Long outerwear in fkowy silhouette sure does elongates your body. So try adding them in almost everything you wear.

Sticking To Monotones – wearing outfits which are all in one color is a sure shot way of looking glamorous and slender.

Accessories – Invest in some couple of good looking and branded accessories like bags and watches (given that we don’t get to splurge on clothes around this time). Not only does it polished up your look but it kinda shifts the focus point away from your weight!

Investing in Basics – what I did was invest in some oversized basic color tees (like blacks and whites) and stretchy pants and outerwears – as I know they’ll come in handy and I can make multiple uses out of it even after loosing weight.

Makeup Makeup Makeup – again, I can’t emphasise enough on this point. If done right, it’s definitely a hit in shifting all the attention away from the weight and on that pretty pretty face plus the post maternity glow to go with it!

Amp up your skincare – I have never been this particular about my skincare before this and I’m so loving the effect it has on my skin. Some of my favourite products at the moment has to be the The Body Shops Anti Imperfection Serum combined with the The Face Shops Brightening Moisturiser and Innisfree Vitamin C sheet face masks. Definitely give them a try and you can always thank me later)

Pamper yourself – perhaps the most important of them all! Get your nails done, get a pedicure, go color your hair or just get a hair spa done or maybe just an expensive facial. These are certain ways of making you feel good about yourself – at least that’s what it did for me!

Working out – well, like I said earlier, loosing weight post pregnancy is not at all easy and that it takes its own time.. but starting to take small steps towards it will definitely make you feel fit and healthy from within. But ya, do consult your gynaecologist before doing that. I had a normal delivery and hence post a go ahead from my gynac, I could start working out right after a month post delivery:

So, here are few of my pointers but please let me know if there’s something I’m missing out on.. 🙂 Having said that, here’s my first look 🙂

Hope you guys liked this post!

Until the next time, Loads of Love, 




:: wearing :: Yellow overcoat, Shein.com | Basic White Tee, H&M | Black Pants , @westsidestores | Heels, @charlesandkeith | Sling Bag, @michaelkors |

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  1. Dipika says:

    You are looking gorgeous as usual & love the pointers..

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