Product Review | The Body Shop Spa Ritual & Fuji Haircare Range

Pregnancy certainly changes your life for the best! But I wish I could say the same for the body too.. ‘Coz it clearly doesn’t! That’s why lately, I’m always in the look out for products that will help me get my old self back ☺️☺️😇.

So, when The Body Shop sent me across their new Body & Hair Care Range, I was more than ecstatic to give it a try!

Spa of the world, the Firming Ritual RangeAbout the Range ~ The products in this range claims to be infused with fruit extracts to empower skin, body and mind. I got to try the new products in this range which are French Grape Seed Scrub and Thai Makrut Lime Firming Oil.

French Grape Seed ScrubThai Makrut Lime Firming OilMy Verdict ~ To begin with, I absolutely loved how these products smell and the way it instantly refreshes my soul! Not only does these products have a calming effect on my body but also loved how gorgeous it makes my skin look post its use. I prefer using these products after a good workout and a good steam as I really feel it does wonders to my skin then. The products come packed in pretty luxurious tub like containers and will lasts you a good time! So, if you’re looking out for products to give you a spa like experience but at the comfort of your own home, then you must give these products a try!

Fuji Haircare RangeAbout the Range ~ The Body Shop has created cruelty – free haircare ranges featuring the finest ingredients and textures, with natural oils, butter and purees. All the formulas are 100% veggie and some are even 100% vegan. The latest range being introduced is the Fuji Green Tea Haircare range with a scrub and a shampoo. The newly introduced format of hair scrub is silicon free and helps to stimulate blood flow and whisks away impurities such as dust, smoke, sweat and styling residue.

My Verdict ~ The best part about this Range has to be the fact that it’s silicon free. Given that my hair is exposed to so many chemicals already, trying these out was like a favour done to my hair 🙂

Also, loved how refreshing the fragrance of these products are, really refreshing and dewy like! My win point for these products has to be the affordable price point combined with the fact that it’s one of those cruelty free vegan products which gives you results worth noticing!

Amazonian Saviour Multi purpose Balm (100% vegetarian)

About the product ~ It’s a multi tasking beauty balm for enhancing tattoo appearance, nourishing severely dry skin and reduces skin marks.

My Verdict ~ To begin with, I’ve never used any products as this earlier but I’m so glad finally introduced to one now! For a matter of fact, I did get a tattoo long back, like 5 years ago but never got around to flaunting it as I did feel it lost its charm over a period. But ever since I’ve used this product on it, I’ve seen a distinct change in its color and appearance. My tattoo now looks more appealing, like how it looked when I’d got it done. Also, given that it’s a Multi purpose balm, it’s like one stop for all my need this winter – be it a lip balm or just to add moisture to my skin while I’m on the go. Super handy as I find it for all that my skin may need this season!

Hope you guys found this review useful and do let me know if you happen to give these products a try..

And until the next time, Loads of Love, Urvashi| FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | ROPOSO | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ |

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