Product Review | TheBodyShop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Range

Anybody who’s used the The Body Shops #TeaTree range of products will swear by them and given that I like to play up with my skin care products (‘coz I feel my skin responds better then), I’m currently obsessed with Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Range of Products! Three products that I’ve been religiously trying out for almost a month now are as mentioned below:

1. The Body Shop 3-IN-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask

First and foremost, I just love how it makes my skin feels the instant it comes in contact with it. The minty tingling effect assures that something is working on those skin cells and love how subtle the scrubbing granules are ensuring that it’s not too harsh on the skin while still doing its job! The best part is, you leave it on for another 10 minuted and you have it working as face mask too! 

2. The Body Shop Anti-Imperfection Night Mask

Now this indeed is a  magical product and I have literally fallen head over heels for it! Just apply a thin layer of it on your face and neck overnight and you’ll find your skin feeling a lot healthier and smoother the next day morning. Given that it has got a gel like consistency, it has all the goodness that soothes your skin and works on those stubborn blemishes overnight! 

3. The Body Shop Anti- Imperfection Daily Solution

Again great at what it claims to do, I love it the most for not making me skin all oily unlike the other skin oils or solutions. Absorbs into the skin in an instant making it glow. Have been using it twinge daily, once in the morning before my sunscreen and once before bed and I already see my skin loving it.

Final Verdict:

Overall I am absolutely loving this range! Just one month into religiously using it and I already see my skin responding to it (in a good way of course!) Suitable for sensitive to all skin types, this is one range that I’m truly enjoying using at the moment and if you’re looking at changing your skin care routine for better, go give these ones a try and you can always thank me later! 🙂

And until the next time, Loads of Love, 



#TeaTreeTherapy || 3-IN-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask ~ Rs. 1295/- | Anti-Imperfection Night Mask ~ Rs. 1995/- | Anti- Imperfection Daily Solution ~ Rs. 1595/-

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