WTW To Work | Jumpsuit + Blazer

Didn’t realise that it’s been March already and Mumbai has begun to heat up like never before. Having said that there have been a lot of changes that’s taking place lately both personally as well as professionally which is keeping me so tied up no matter if it’s a weekday or a weekend. Weekends are still better as I don’t have to work my brain out to decide what to wear but weekdays are always challenging given that I have to get ready for work. And today’s outfit is one such blessing that lets me snooze that alarm for a mere 15 minutes more!!!


J U M P S U I T S – Yes! Pairing a single tones jumpsuits or even a printed one with a blazer is an effortlessly chic combo and is extremely office appropriate. Also something that will let you easily transit from office to evening wears without much hassle.


So, next time you’re running late to work, you know what to wear to work, right?

Hope you guys have liked this look, until the next time,

Loads of LoVe,





:: wearing :: Lemon Yellow Jumpsuit, #veromoda | White Boyfriend Blazer, #H&M | Mint Heels, #Forever21 | Sling Box Bag, #Bangkokstreetshopping

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