Product Review | Bonacure Repair Rescue by Schwarzkopf

Now, I’ll be honest with you – I love colouring my hair and getting all the fancy treatments done to make it look gorgeous though I  know that all this is harmful to your hair and all. And hence the extra measures that I take to ensure that I restore the health of my hair and always in the lookout to find hair care products which can do the same. Ranging from oils to masks, I like to try it all. So, recently when I was sent across the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy Cell Perfector Range of Shampoo & Conditioner, I was more than excited to give it a try. Having heard great reviews about this product from family and friends who’s used this before, I was still curious to see how it works for my hair and hence I tried it out for a good one month and here’s my cent on the same:


IMG_2338 copy

It claims to be the best hair treatment for damaged hair, this Schwarzkopf shampoo repairs the cells within the shaft and helps in recreating the surface of your hair. It repairs damaged hair by filling in the structural gaps, reinstating elasticity, stimulating the scalp and giving deep sheen and bounce to your mane. The Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo provides 100 percent hair replenishment, while preventing further hair breakage in order to give you healthier and voluminous hair. It has an ultra-conditioning formula, perfect to use every day to get your hair back on the road to recovery.

IMG_2333 copyIMG_2334 copyIMG_2337 copy


IMG_2311 copyIMG_2325 copyIMG_2342 copyIMG_2309 copy

It pretty much managed to do what it claimed. Right after the first wash, I felt my hair was noticeably manageable and tangle-free, even on occasions when I gave the conditioner a skip. What I really loved about this product is that along with cleaning and nourishing my hair, I felt that it equally cleansed the impurities and product build-up on my scalp, thus thoroughly nourishing my scalp, thus making it squeaky clean and healthy. And I can totally relate its refresging fragrance to the one you get when you wash your hair in a salon and it’s a totally winner for me 🙂

IMG_2341 copy

I absolutely am in love with this product for my hair, something that I would definitely recommend for you guys to try it out. Until the next time,

Loads of Love,




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