My Morning Skin Care Routine Feat. Plum


So, if you’ve seen my latest skin care routine video on YouTube, you’ll know that I have recently been all particular about my skin and absolutely loving the way my skin is reacting to it. The routine basically comprises of a mix of both old and new products that I have added to the routine and today I am going to talk about two such new products that were recently sent to me by Plum Team and I am so gad that I gave it a try.

IMG_2389 copy

So, like I mentioned, I was sent across the PLUM DAY CREAM IN SHEER MATTE and the PLUM SKIN REVIVAL FACE WASH and it’s been close to two months now that I’ve been using it on a daily basis.

IMG_2390 copy

I shall first talk about the Plum Skin Revival Face Wash, which I quiet like simply because it does exactly what i says and leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Fragrance is the first think that I liked about this product and the fact that it’s pretty much travel friendly as the cap shuts tightly and it will not open accidentally in your bag if you are planning to carry it while travelling. Pretty sturdy is the packaging and is quite hygienic to use. Priced at Rs. 350/- for a 75 ml tube, it’s a gel based face wash with tiny red granules which acts as a mild scrub as well for daily use. And as you can tell by the picture, it cleanses your face pretty well without having to lather much, which I absolutely love and the fact that it contains very less amount of chemical (given that it’s filled with the goodness of nature) is reassured 🙂

IMG_2351 copyIMG_2355 copyIMG_2359 copyIMG_2365 copyIMG_2374 copy

Now, let’s now talk about the Plum Sheer Matte Day Cream, shall we? So, to be very honest, I absolutely love the Matte Day Cream, mainly because of two reasons – a) it has got an SPF of 50 and doesn’t make my face oily after application unlike other sunscreens and b) it blends like a dream. So much so, that it has practically become a mandatory part of my daily morning makeup routine as you can see Here. It gives me a good base for wearing a blush or even a highlighter and I don’t really feel the need to wear a foundation over the same. I also, love the mild floral fragrance it has which completely freshens up my mornings. It retails for about Rs. 520 for a 60 ml product and I feel it’s totally reasonably priced given the quality of the product.

IMG_2391 copyIMG_2376 copyIMG_2380 copyIMG_2385 copy

Here’s my recent video on Everyday Office Makeup Tutorial and it’s lucid that this product have now become a part of my daily makeup ritual. 🙂

Hope you guys liked this post and do give PLUM Products a try and let me know if you liked it as much as I did. Until the next time,

Loads of Love,




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