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“Gorgeous Skin is the Best Fashion Accessory you can wear”

— Said Somebody

Your Skin – that’s precisely the first thing you wear right? And over a period I’ve finally made friends with the thought that you basically need three things to carry off anything effortlessly – Great Skin + Healthy Hair + Fit Body! And, if you happen to follow me on Instagram, you’ll know just how much I am into fitness and skin care products these days ‘coz literally all you’ll need to look good are these basics and no matter what you throw around it will look just fab! So, when I was recently sent across the  Fiama Di Wills exquisite signature shower gel series by their team, which by the way is co-created with “Masaba Gupta”, I was more than glad to give it a try!

So, before I even begin with the actual review, I thought I’ll quickly share my experience as to when I even started using a shower gel and the complete paradigm shift I had when it came to using the same over soaps (‘coz if you’re brought up in a typical middle class Indian family, shower gels are usually considered fancier viz.a viz using a soap). However, since the day I shifted to a hostel for my MBA, my idea towards using a soap kind of changed ‘coz I started to think of it as messy and inconvenient for obvious reasons and ever since then it has become an essential part of my bathing routine every single morning. And why not, it definitely does eliminate all the cons of a soap and only glorifies ones bathing experience.Shower gels are not only pretty convenient to use, is more hygienic, is extremely moisturizing but is cost-effective too all at the same time (and mind you during my stay in hostel, I was constantly trying to save every bit of my penny to buy myself new clothes and you can totally bank upon the fact that shower gels are indeed cost effective than using soaps :P) And don’t even get me started on the fragrance it imparts which practically lasts all day long! So, long story short, I found that shower gels are any day a better bet when it comes to one’s bathing rituals than going the primitive way of using soaps.

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So, coming back to this product, as the product claims that the new range is infused with precious gemstones and is one of the product of their latest advanced 3D suspension technology line which delivers rich encapsulated glitter beads to invigorate your senses. Fiama Di Wills “Aquamarine Agleam” is enriched with skin conditioners and precious gemstones which gives you firm, supple and youthful skin. Its unique formula with luscious fragrance and indulgent lather gives you rejuvenating care. And I don’t feel the need to differ from this claim either . I have been using it for almost a week now and though it is too short a period to form a definite judgement about any product, I however feel that my skin has become softer than before, given that the gel impregnates minute crystals and using it on a daily basis have certainly helped me get rid of my dry skin cells. Ask my hubby about it and he shall give you a similar review 😉 😛

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So, over all I’m quite impressed with the new exquisite collection that they’ve launched and I can’t wait to try the rest of the lines in the line.

Hope you guys liked this post and don’t forget to let me know how you find this product.

Until the next time, Loads of Love,




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