The Weekend Gateway – Nashik

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I recently have been to Nashik for the long weekend we had. Given that all of us are just so busy in our lives and the weekdays are so jam-packed that every time we (I and Krish of course) get an opportunity, we move out to explore a new place or city. So much so that the release of new holiday calendar at work every year have us look out for long weekends, merging days in and out trying to inject in mini vacations all through the year. It certainly helps keep our spirit on, you see 🙂 🙂

So, like I mentioned, this time around, it was Nashik. Though we have been there before but only for a day, we couldn’t explore much. So we thought we’ll give it a go again given that we had so much to see and explore! Well, for those who don’t know Nashik is a city located in the north-west region of Maharashtra. Nashik has mythological, historical, social as well as cultural importance and since it is situated on the banks of the Godavari River, it is also considered one of the holiest places for Hindus all over the world. Nashik has a rich historical past, as the mythology has it that Lord Rama, the King of Ayodha, made Nashik his abode during his 14 years in exile.

And now that we are done with the basic understanding of Nashik, let’s straight head on to the details of the two-day fun trip we had. Well, we started off at around 7.30 in the mornings on our pleasant road trip to Nashik. It’s a beautiful two and a half to three hours drive with slight up hills and greens covering most of the way. We reached somewhere before noon and was welcomed by the Gateway Taj which is just off the highway. True to its heritage and name, The Taj Gateway was all worth it! Be it the ambience, the feel, the food, the customer service, it only has the best to offer! 

Also mind you that all the pictures clicked are from the I phone as we forgot to carry our DSLR, in a hurry 😦

On our way to Nasik …FullSizeRender (11) copyFullSizeRender (12) copy

At Taj Gateway…FullSizeRender (14) copyFullSizeRender (28) copyFullSizeRender (29) copy

Given the scorching heat outside, we avoided going out in the afternoon and hence rested in the cozy room that we were put up in and what’s a vacation without all the lazing around and naps at odd hours, right? 😛 So yeah, in the evening, all geared up to explore the city, we visited the Panchwati & the Ramkund, which was a twenty minutes drive away. And if not for religious reasons, you must certainly visit this place simple for the artistically build structures it holds. Next Day we visited the spiritual “Trimbekehwar” temple (which is again a pleasant half an hour drive from our hotel) in the morning, followed by the famous ‘missal pav’ at “Sadhana” which was indeed very sumptuous! And for our last evening there, it had to be in the Sula Vineyards watching the gorgeous sun set while seeping in some sultry wine.

Ramkund & Trimbakeshwar …IMG_1093 copyFullSizeRender (33) copyIMG_1091 (1) copy

At Sula Vineyards …FullSizeRender (17) copyFullSizeRender (20) copyFullSizeRender (19) copyFullSizeRender (18) copy

And far as my outfits are concerned, well I kept it to its minimalist best. Details of each will be listed below is ootd for you to see 🙂

Day 1 :: wearing :: Mustard Top, #splash | Printed Cotton Pants, #thrifted | Beige Brogues, #forever21 | Sling Bag, #bangkok |IMG_1096 copyFullSizeRender (21) copyFullSizeRender (30) copy

Day 2 :: wearing :: Floral Midi Dress, #thrifted (Galleria, Powai) | Denim Shirt (worn as jacket), #reliancetrends | Beige Brogues, #forever21 |FullSizeRender (27) copyFullSizeRender (24) copyFullSizeRender (25) copy

Hope you guys enjoy reading this post while we start discussing our next mini vacation 🙂 😛

Until the next time, Loads of Love,


UntitledFullSizeRender (22) copy

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Monika says:

    I love reading travel logs and this was just perfect. So glad you got the opportunity to relax 🙂 Loved both the outfits so much! The shoes are perfect for traveling and yellow looks amazing on you. Hope you have a great week ahead ❤

    Monika |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Urvashi says:

      Thanks a lot Monika. Yeah, it was indeed a relaxing mini vacation we had.. 🙂


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