Product Review – The TIGI S-Factor Range

Well, like all girls, I love to experiment with my hair as well and as a consequence I let colour & heating tools take a toll on my vulnerable hair.  Also, oil at times doesn’t really prove to be enough to nourish my stresses (given the torture I make them go through) and I really feel the need of something extra to take care of them.

IMG_9699 copy

So, when I was recently invited by TIGI to try out their latest S-Factor range in hair care, I was up for it! Also, given that I was hearing quite some great reviews about this range, I wanted to experience it myself as well.

About the Products:

IMG_9766 copyIMG_9783 copyIMG_9775 copyIMG_9777 copy

I had the hair stylist use four main products on my hair and here’s a little brief about the products:

TIGI S-Factor Health Factor Shampoo and Conditioner:

Treat dry, damaged hair with healthy hair complex containing shea butter, Vitamin E and beautifying oils. Reviving sublime shine and showcase healthy-looking, head-turning hair with a glossy finish.

TIGI S-Factor Smoothening Lusterizer:

Give unruly hair sublime smoothness and a silky touch, whilst defending against humidity


It started off with a relaxing hair wash with their S-Factor shampoo and conditioner and the first thing that caught my fancy was the fragrance – really fresh and fruity! As I mentioned earlier,  my hair is dry, frizzy and damaged from all the dyes and heat and this shampoo/conditioner combo totally rejuvenated them while adding some extra shine as well. Post the wash the “S-Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum” prepared and protected it from the heating session it was about to witness!

IMG_9712 copy

And since my love for big voluminous curls is totally inevitable, Audrey (the hair stylist) was kind enough to get me those big bouncy ones! The miraculous product out of all, however, has to be the last product she used on my hair – “The S-Factor Creamy Molding Wax” which not only added a distinct glistening shine but also ensured that my curls stayed on for a good two days post the treatment! IMG_9741 copyIMG_9754 copyIMG_9756 copyIMG_9763 copy


Over all I really loved just how gorgeous my hair felt post the treatment. So much so that I literally didn’t wash my hair for a good whole week (simply as I didn’t feel the need). Something that I would really recommend to you guys and if you’re wondering where you can get such treatments done, then head to leading salons such as Hakim’s Aalim and Juice and make your hair feel that they’re really special!

Hope you find this post useful and as always thank you very much for stopping by!

Until the next time, Loads of Love,


IMG_9761 copyLocation Courtesy – TIGI Studio, Unilever, Andheri

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  1. Super your mane looks so dreamy…love your curls ..this treatment really work great it seems

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Urvashi says:

      Thanks a lot Anu, yeah… the treatment really did wonders. You need to try it to believe it… 🙂 🙂


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