Comfort Calling!

So, here’s the thing, when it comes to putting a look together – be it formal, casual or even festive, one key aspect that I work around with is Comfort! Simply because I firmly believe that if you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing, you won’t look good even if you’re wearing an Exclusive Brand. Being comfortable is certainly the key to ooze confidence without a glitch and would make you look like a million bucks! Having said that, I am always in a search for pieces that will make me look at my stylish best without having to compromise on my comfort. And when in HyperCity last week, I found a lot of comforting pieces to suit my taste and here’s to how I styled them .. 🙂

IMG_8617 copy

Here’s some tricks that I personally follow to ensure that I stay Comfortable and yet put together:

  • Fabrics – Look for material which is breathable and smooth against your skin. Materials like Linen and cotton (with elastane content) not only looks rich and crisp but also lets your skin breathe. These Olive Green Linen Trousers from HyperCity makes for a great alternative to jeans or even formal trousers. The detailed pleats at the waist is something that I really liked which makes them one of my favorite pair of bottoms that I owe.   

IMG_8568 copy

IMG_8582 copy

  • Prints – Great way to add fun to any look. Cotton tees in fun prints and with elastane helps holds its shape, thus giving you the desired shape along with the ease you’d need. 

IMG_8593 copyIMG_85501 copy

  • Fit – make sure your garments fit correctly.  Often when we go for comfort we go bigger and baggier than necessary.  Make sure that your clothes skim and not cling, but also not appear boxy or baggy. 

IMG_8599 copy

  • Outerwear – A waterfall cardigan in bold colors can do wonders by skimming over the lumps and bumps, adding perfect bit of layer and a pop of color. 

IMG_8602 copy

  • Accessories – Keep it to the minimum when it comes to comfort. A smart sleek belt and layered pendants helped me keep it simple and neat. A soft viscose scarf can also create a focal point and create some interest. I also added a statement specs to give a bit of edge to the whole look. 

IMG_8515 copy

  • Soft Makeup – A fresh face, accentuating just your eyes or your lips to compliment your smart comfort styling. A dash of mineral powder, some blush and mascara and a bright hue on my lips did the trick for me.

IMG_8616 copy

Over all, I really liked how this look turned out to be; something that I would certainly wear on busy days at work – Comfortable and yet very put together, isn’t it? Do let us know what you feel about this look and what is your comfort wear. And don’t forget to visit HyperCity Fashion for finding comfort in what you wear… 🙂

Until the next time, Loads of Love,



       IMG_8594 copy :: wearing :: Olive Green Linen Trousers & Waterfall Cardigan (Brand – City Life Casuals for Rs. 650/- & Rs. 560/- respectively), Aztec Print Tee (Brand – Riverinc for Rs. 420/-), #HyperCityFashion | Layered Pendants, #gifted | Spectacles, #colabacauseway | Mint Heels, #forever21 |

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