Travel in Style #1 – Being Comfortable!

So, as promised, we are back with our series of #TravelinStyle look book. Well, when it comes to travelling, I am not a pro but since I travel a lot (Read A LOT…), one thing that I have realized is that any look that you want to pull together pretty much needs to revolve around your comfort zone. Especially on days when you have to travel for hour together at a stretch, the last thing you would want is to be uncomfortable because of your dress is too short for comfort or the gorgeous material is constantly poking your skin. Also, the second key thing to remember is that Layering will be your best friend while travelling. There are moments when the sun shines hard at you while the next moment you’d have cold breeze gushing against your skin – And you definitely wouldn’t want either of it to spoil your fun, right? IMG_0588 copy So, keeping all these pointers in mind, here’s to our first look in this edition. Paired a plain basic graphic tee (which mainly helped in adding an edge to the look apart from comfort) with a pair of printed cotton pants for extra comfort.

IMG_0537 copyThis made sure that I was at my comfortable best while the sun blazed at me. This maroon jacket came in handy, adding a perfect pop of color, which also helped me keep cozy every now & then when the chilled breeze dominated the scene. IMG_0568 copyIMG_0589 copyIMG_0565 copyIMG_0578 copyIMG_0579 copyIMG_0569 copyHope you guys liked the look and watch this space out for more on #travelinstyle … and do stop by on Instagram and Facebook.. we’re having loads of fun there with daily dose on fashion & Food.. 🙂

Until the next time, Travel in Style,

Urvashi  UntitledIMG_0590 copy

 :: wearing :: Graphic Tee, | Maroon Cropped Jacket, #shopperstop | Black Printed pants, #colabacauseway | Flats, | Stacked Chain Necklace, #splash | Monochrome Wayfarers, #MacV |

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