LLFS Travel Diaries – Srinagar | Gulmarg | Leh&Ladakh | Khardungla | Pangong

Hello Peeps…hope you guys are doing all fabulous. And if you ask me, well…my days these days are jam-packed with new projects and assignment at work, while my blog takes away almost all my evenings. I mean, my days always have been hectic like this but being all tied up due to my blog is something I am really enjoying. So much so, that now I have to literally maintain a diary to help keep me on my blogs schedule.

But enough of all this and let’s get directly onto what I’ve been sitting on for a long time – My recent endeavor to Srinagar – Gulmarg – Kargil – Leh – Pangong.. A lot of you are asking to kind of detail down the entire trip and here we are doing the needful. Thanks to my cutie Krish, the entire trip was so very well planned and executed and in fact one of the most memorable ones I have had so far. However, please note that no amount of pictures will do justice to the scenic beauty and peace that we experienced during our journey. Also, since this itinerary is quite a detailed one, you might want to consider getting yourself a cup of coffee – so sit back, enjoy and read on…

So, here’s a detailed itinerary along with all the necessary details:Untitled

IMG_0138 copy
Enjoying on the houseboat terrace overseeing the scenic beauty of nature.. 🙂
Our Beautiful Houseboat and the mind blowing view from it...
Our Beautiful Houseboat and the mind-blowing view from it…IMG_0141 copyIMG_0091 copyIMG_0151 copyJewelry and Gorgeous Handicrafts that’ll catch your attention…IMG_0156 copyIMG_0098 copyIMG_0084 copy

The kid in me enjoying the snow at her best at Gondola Phase II.. 🙂DSC00817 (1)

DSC00982 (1)
And our frequent halts on our way to Kargil to click ‘n’ number of selfies… 😛 🙂

Our Indian Flag standing tall at the Kargil War Front Memorial will only end up giving you goose bumps

Our Indian Flag standing tall at the Kargil War Front Memorial will only end up giving you goose bumps and tears in your eyes…
Enjoying being surrounded by sky high rocks and just the bunch of us... A must halt place as you're very likely to come across a road like this once in a lifetime... :)
Enjoying being surrounded by sky-high rocks and just the bunch of us… A must halt place as you’re very likely to come across a road like this once in a lifetime… 🙂
Some Fun Selfies at Khardungla Pass… 😛
On our way to Pangong Lake…
You definitely got to meet the cutest creatures on earth… The Marmot.. do carry some biscuits along with you to feed them 🙂
And these glaciers too will force you to take breaks in between along the route.. 🙂
And the Beautiful Pangong lake and some fun selfies 🙂

And how on earth could I forget my jewelry haul all the way from Ladakh... :)

Spending some time on the Pangong lake, watching the sun set and rise is a must!
IMG_1024 (1)
And how on earth could I forget my jewelry haul all the way from Ladakh… 🙂

Apart from all these, there are few of points you must keep in mind:

  • Do not run or walk faster at higher altitudes. Due to lesser oxygen content in the air, you may find it difficult to breathe and since there are no hospitals (except for the military ones in places like Khardungla, Pangong, etc.), it’ll be difficult to get yourself treated.
  • Do ensure that you carry a good amount of warm clothes, and raincoat as well, you just can’t trust the weather there. You may feel warm at one moment and may need a raincoat at the other, because you never know when a hailstorm hits you there.
  • Do carry medicines and cash. Medical Stores & ATMs are not very easy to find.
  • Be prepared to stay away from all internet connectivity. “Airtel” is perhaps the only network that seemed to work there, which at times also failed.

So, that is it for the detailed itinerary and I really hope that it helps you plan your vacation better! On a different note, I want to take this opportunity to thank our dearest friends Hridhi & Sia who made this trip all the more fun  both for me and Krish! also, if you haven’t guessed it by now,my upcoming posts will be all about what to wear while you’re in Jammu & Kashmir, ‘coz apart from the fact that we want you guys to have the best planned trip, we also want you to look your best while you’re at it… 🙂 For anything else, please feel free to comment below or get in touch with us and we shall be more than glad to attend to it… 🙂 Also, do stop by Instagram & Facebook… will love to see you there… 🙂

Until the next time, loads and loads of Love,



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  1. Deepti says:

    amazing view and amazing you !!! simply superb..I saw ur blog today and instantly fell in love with..keep going girl :):)


    1. Urvashi says:

      Thanks a lot Deepti… Glad you liked it… Loads of Love, Urvashi 🙂 :*


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