Being Beachy!

So, I recently have been to Alibaug for a weekend gateway and totally enjoyed every bit of it. It was indeed a much needed break given the busy travel schedule that I’ve been facing lately. So, given that I was going to visit a beach, it was out of sheer excitement that I packed all my swim/beach wear for a two day stay there. But alas, my beach ware never got to see the daylight in Alibaug! Though a beach, the mindset of people there, unlike in Goa is too conservative and hence my apprehensions in wearing the conventional swimwear. Even tying up a more conservative form of beach ware which is the sarong, didn’t feel that comfortable. But it being a beach, obviously I was in no mood to settle down for a plain jane jeans and tee either and hence had to settle midway.

  DSC01545 copy

And this is when this simple chic dress came to my rescue – A bright orange kaftan-ish midi length dress. The flowy silhouette of this dress ensured that I was all comfortable in my skin and at the same time not drifting away from my stylish self.. 🙂 Kept my accessories to the least possible while the only crown I wore was my wavy hair. Just a pair of flats and a broad smile to complete the look. 🙂 🙂

DSC01539 copyIMG_20150627_164330 copy

DSC01533 copyDSC01548 copy

So, here’s a couple of DO’s and DONT’s for the beach look:

– Do NOT wear layers of makeup and it will only make you feel greasy due to the high moisture content in the air

– Bold Lips & well shaped eyebrows is all you need to make your face.

– A good block will only do you good.

– “Less is More” shall be your key to accessorizing your beach look. Do not go too over board with it as it will only tend to weigh you down. A good pair of shades is the only accessory perfect for the beach, we suggest!

– Free Flowy silhouettes will be your best friend on the beach. Also, strictly only sticks to light materials.

– “Messy Hair Don’t Care” should be your attitude when it comes to your beach look. 

And yeah, don’t forget to put on a big smile and bring out the kid in you to look your best while you enjoy the waves.. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and thanks a lot for stopping by and next time you’re in alibaug, do visit this restaurant called “Bohemeyan Blu”  – it’s worth a try and besides they have this cool Designer Store where you can shop too… 🙂  Until then…

Loads of Love,



:: wearing :: Dress, #thrifted (Galleria in Powai) | Sandals, |

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Arielle says:

    Your dress is so gorgeous! ❤


    1. Urvashi says:

      Thanks love..



  2. Really like the dress on u and the beachy hair ! I wish it was summers here 😊 pretty miss !!


    1. Urvashi says:

      Thanks a lot sweets…
      🙂 :*


  3. In love with this color! Follow each other? ❤️Sarah J’entends Ta Voix

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Urvashi says:

      Hey Jen… loved your Blog and def going to follow you… 🙂



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