Dress Like a Lady – Work Like a Boss Feat. Roposo

Holla guys,

Hope you all are doing fabulously great! and I am back again to talk about something (a look to be precise) which perhaps is closest to my heart! I am talking about the formal wear, In fact, if I was to choose one look that I’d wear for the rest of my life, it would certainly be the formal wear – simply ‘coz its ability to make it look all sophisticated and polished all at one go.

DSC01262 copy

Having said that I can also envisage the fact that dressing up for your work everyday in the morning can be quite a challenging task at hand and in the whole process we get bogged down with blacks, browns and greys in our wardrobe. Also, over a period of time we are made to believe that it’s only these colors that dominate the corporate world as they speak of Power or Empowerment! & that’s exactly where I beg to differ!

Bold colors & Bling when added in right proportions can totally dress up your formal look and also help you play that sophisticated part. 

DSC01272 copy

So, for this look, all i did was pair a nude pleated top with a grey pencil skirt..that simple, right? Added a structured blazer in bold blue and a pair of beautiful jeweled ear rings to compliment the whole look. A pair of nude heels and a rose gold watch is all that I wore to complete the look.

Fun-Fearless-Strong-Ladylike is what I feel of this look and something that I would certainly wear during a conference, board meetings or even to attend corporate workshops. After all like they say, “Act Like a Lady – Think Like a Man”, we would like to add “Dress Like a Lady – Work Like a Boss”  🙂 🙂

Hope you guys liked the look and let me know in the comments section below if there’s any other look for certain corporate occasions that you’d like us to do a post on and we would be more than glad to do the same.

DSC01264 copyDSC01257 copyDSC01268 copyDSC01274 copyDSC01258 copyDSC01256 copyDSC01254 copy

:: wearing :: Blazer, #splash | Pleated Top, #kiosha.com | Pencil Skirt, #code | Jewels, #roposo.com | Nude Heels, #forever21 | Rose Gold Watch, #fossils |

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