Rules are meant to be Broken – Bringing Out The Child In Me

So, ya… I admit, I am not the one who like boundaries and someone who hates to follow the rules!! Have grown up doing things on my own terms and have been daring enough to own up to my mistakes as well – In fact this very sense of Freedom & Independence defines the person I am today! And now that I look back and ponder, I feel so proud of owning up to everything that I ever did – My good memories have given my memories to cherish for life and not so good ones have taught me constructive lessons that I won’t forget for the rest of life – whatever it is, at least I don’t regret anything … 🙂


& when it comes to Fashion as well, the idea still remains the same – After All, there are no Rules in Fashion, right? So, here’s one such funky outfit post. By now you all must have seen my fascination for Polka Dots and this obsession of mine went to another level with these over sized multi-polka Sweater. In fact with polka dots, I lately feel that the bigger the spot the better ; Playful and provocative is what it is – so, make sure you have fun and team these over-sized motifs and paillettes with metallics and clashing prints. 

Got this cutie while I was in Pune a month ago and was such a steal at just 100 bucks… yeah I know… just 100 bucks – crazy right!! In fact on M.G Road in Pune, you would find some of the biggest bargains and really cool stuffs apart from some of the really yummy street food, so next time you’re in Pune, do make sure to visit this place, especially a visit to “Good Luck cafe” for ‘bun maska’ & ‘coffee’ is a must!

So, if you go to see, none of the pieces really matched each other apart from the fact each of these items are one of my favorites in their own way, but still I loved this look, I guess, it brought out the child in me – Happy & Carefree! A pair of stalking and boots helped me keep warm while this turquoise scarf only added to the Overdose of Color! and as far as the polka dot goes, I think

Hope you guys liked this crazy post and as always, Thank You for Stopping By!

Loads of Love,







 :: wearing :: Knitwear Polka, #thrifted (MG Road in Pune) | Scarf, #westside | Tan Boots & Hat , #MGRoad (Gangtok) |

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kuheli says:

    ah Gangtok.. i miss u..
    Urvashi u r totally rocking the outfit. 🙂 *thumbs up*


    1. Thanks a lot sweets… 🙂 :*
      And yeah… I too miss Gangtok too… 😦 hope to visit it soon, AGAIN!!! 🙂


    2. Thanks a lot Kuheli… very glad you liked it.. 🙂 :*


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