DIY – Statement Jewelry Box for Under a Dollar!

So, if you know me, you must know just how fanatic I am about statement jewelry pieces and I hold each one of them very close to my heart. I, however, find it very difficult to kind of organize them where every thing is pretty much visually accessible. Either I find some organizers which are way too costly and I just don’t feel like splurging so much on just an organizer or they are just not the kinds I am looking for. Hence, I finally decided to make one on my own and you know what, I pretty much liked the result… 🙂


and if you’re interested to see how to make it, then keep on reading..

All you need for this DIY, is any box (dry fruits/chocolate boxes), a sheet of thermocol, any piece of cloth (I chose a piece of satin for the royal effect), an adhesive, a knife, pencil and a scale.IMG_20141207_131856

Step 1 – Cut the thermocol as per the desired shape of the box and stick the sides of the thermocol along the periphery of the box.IMG-20141208-WA0013

Step 2 – Shove your ring bottom in to the thermocol as per your preference.IMG-20141208-WA0011

Step 3 – Sharpen the marked slots of the ring with the help of the knife.IMG-20141208-WA0004

Step 4 – Stick the satin cloth along the periphery and in between the thermocol and the box.IMG-20141208-WA0009

Step 5 – Now, with he help of the back of a brush, push the satin cloth into the designated ring slots you earlier created. Start placing your rings simultaneously in the slots as well. Do not try to make it look neat as this crunched up look only gives it a beautiful effect.IMG-20141208-WA0005

Step 6 – once you are done, repeat step no 5 for all the edges and corners.IMG-20141208-WA0007

Step 7 – Now just appreciate the new genius in you…. 😉IMG-20141208-WA0008

& Tadaaaaa…’s ready….!! doesn’t it look GORGEOUS!!!!

Hope you guys liked it,…amd thank you so very much for stopping by…

Loads of Love, 



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this simple idea! It’s perfect to give as a gift too! 🙂


  2. Adorable!

    I’ve recently launched my fashion & lifestyle blog Come and get some inspiration on outfits, DIY and photography


    1. Hi Ina,
      Glad you liked it… 🙂
      Loved your blog too.. keep up the great work and the very ll the beat for the future

      loads of Love,

      Liked by 1 person

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