The Casual Bug | Floral Mini + Sheer Outerwear


So, I have always been a formal person, given the fact that I have to done the formal look five days a week, and also love the way they make you feel and look, polished and smart. But, recently that I have I have started experimenting a lot with casual wears, I so wish that offices allowed them too.. 😛 I mean, seriously, they are cool…carefree and really lets you be… 🙂

Don’t get too much surprised, if you see a lot of casual happening on the blog, mind you… I warned you guys pretty much in advance… hehe… 😛

Having said that, here’s a an outfit I styled during one of the last rainy weekends. I wore a black floral mini dress with monochrome bow flats, added a Blue Sheer Shirt (worn as a shrug) for added comfort. However, for a change I decided to go pretty light on the accessories and I think it did give a young and carefree appeal to the whole look.

Hope you guys like the look and thank you so very much for stopping by… 🙂

Loads of Love, Urvashi


 :: wearing ::

Floral Dress, #colabacauseway (street shopping)| Cobalt Blue Sheer Shirt, #veromoda| Monochrome Bow Pumps, #bata|

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  1. What a beautiful printed dress! The background bodes well with your outfit 🙂 xo~ Lena


    1. yeah… the background really made the dress look prettier…
      thanks for stopping by dear


    1. Thanks a lot sweets…



  2. heyy fabulous finds!! love shopping at colaba too! chek out our blog too
    lots of love! ❤


    1. Hey …

      yeah… Colaba Causeway is one such place I swear by for satisfying the bargain shopper in me…
      Did check your blog… liked it..


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank youu!! We are always shopping at hill road and causeway took me


      2. Cool…
        See you around then…
        happy Shopping !!!


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