One Fine Messy Day – The Casual Chic

14wearing :: Black Tank, #forever21| Pink Plaid Shirt, #pepejeans| Skinny Jeans, #levi’s| Red Pumps, #thrifted| Snakey Choker & Leopard Ring, #galsaccesshurry| Maroon watch, #giordano|

Sometimes, all I wanna do is just tie my hair up in a bun and really not use my brain to dress up. So, it was one of those days…. when All I wanna be is “Messy”…. a pair of dirty rough jeans, a tank and a loosely fitted plaid, you know just for the added comfort and cover… 🙂

But, with the accessory fanatic, that I am, I just had to wear one. So, thought of wearing this edgy snake print choker I recently laid my hands on from #galsaccesshurry. I really think that this choker totally complimented the whole laid back messy look without being over the top. The snake print effect of the choker gives that biker’s chic look to give any outfit an edge to look forward to.

So, yeah… go ahead and get messy…but with a twist… 😉 :P…

Hope you guys liked the post and thank you so very much for stopping by… 🙂

Loads of Love,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kanika Justa says:

    You look lovely!! I love wearing basics with some twists here and there. Totally my style.


    1. Hey Kanika,
      Thanks so much sweets… I’m so glad you liked it…:)
      Love your style as well…following you now… 🙂 🙂
      Loads of Love


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