Graphic Pencil Skirt + Peplum Power

So, this is one combination which never fails me. Pencil Skirt & a Peplum. But, just for some spunk, this time I went the graphic way 🙂


Paired the monochrome toned skirt with a plain classic peplum top and really liked the way the whole look turned out to be. Extremely neat and polished. I chose to go pretty low on accessories this time, just a bow belt in white and a pair of little pearl studs.

Hope you guys too like the post and thank you so very much for stopping by… 🙂

Loads of Love,



 :: wearing ::

Black Peplum Top, #splash| Graphic Pencil Skirt,| Heels, #enroute| Bow Belt, #westside| Pearl Studs, #gifted|

2 Comments Add yours

  1. V says:

    Such a great look on you. I love the look of peplum, but with my body shape it just doesn’t seem to work


    1. Hi Vanessa…. So glad you liked the whole look and thank you so very much for stopping by my blog…
      n trust me… i thoroughly loved your blog ya… following you now…


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