Something Old ; Something New

So, I recently bumped into one of my very old favorites, while I was cleaning my cupboard last weekend. I mean, seriously, I was literally so overwhelmed to have found my old lost love in the Denim Jacket, without which I couldn’t do without once upon a time. In fact it is one of the oldest member in my cupboard now. Over a period of time, I bought new clothes…got closer to them…and eventually forgot about it! 😦 

PicsArt_1408120982476And that made me realize, that sometimes in life we come so ahead in life, that we tend to forget the people once we couldn’t do without, isn’t it…? We meet new people, like them, start spending more time with them and yeah…move on…!! 

But anyways, So happy I was to have re-bonded with it, that I had to do a blog post on it. So teamed it up with one of my new friend, the monochrome maxi and guess what…

They really liked each others company… 🙂

Casual & Free is all they wanted to be… 🙂

Hope you liked it guys and thank you so very much for stopping by…



PicsArt_1408103251173PicsArt_1408102783156PicsArt_1408102642240PicsArt_1408103073856PicsArt_1408101662841PicsArt_1408102422294:: wearing ::

Maxi Dress, #forever21| Mint Heels, #forever21| Fish Necklace,| Denim Jacket, #thrifted| Mint Statement Ring, #colabacauseway|

5 Comments Add yours

  1. abhaya says:

    🙂 its a very nice combo, i too like maxi a lot but fail to wear as i feel short girls wont look good in ‘em! i think i can try one now 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi abhaya…. I’m very glad you liked it sweets. …
      N ya you must try out a maxi skirt then. ..n send me your pic. .. I would like to then feature you on my Facebook page
      Much love


      1. abhaya says:

        thnx, sure will do that 🙂


  2. nike dunks says:

    This blogs has very fascinating news i enter each and
    every day to study it truly is verty usefu to do my work.


    1. Heylo sweets…

      So glad you liked it dear…

      Loads of Love,
      Urva 🙂


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