It’s a Pretty Day :: Pink Pencil Skirt + Butterfly Blouse

So, a pretty good start for the day I had.. 🙂 But you know what, I feel it’s only because of the bright color of clothes I am wearing for the day 🙂   …. I mean seriously, it’s just how much of a mood lifter are the color of the clothes we wear. They act like a stress buster and can literally brighten up our days… 🙂


I just loved how beautifully the pink butterflies on the black sheer screen complimented the bright pink color of the pencil skirt. Some strings of coral beads and beige heels is all I needed to complete the look.

Thank you so much guys for stopping by and hope to see you soon on Facebook … 🙂


:: wearing ::

Pink Pop Pencil Skirt, #splash| Butterfly Blouse,| Heels, #enroute| Coral Neckpiece, #westside|

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