Maxi-mizing My Summers :: Aztec Print Maxi Skirt + Soothing Pearls

Happy Monday Guys,

Hope you had a relaxing Sunday…

Well, Summers are here…. so, I decided to make full use of this girly flirtatious statement piece (last worn here)  that was lying somewhere in my cupboard for ages  now.

A maxi skirt/ dress can be your best friend for the summers and help you beat the heat with ease and sensuality. They are carefree, feminine and the best part about them is that they lets you be and breathe….

These cuties are available in wide range of colors and prints and you can dress this up or down depending upon your mood. I think that these maxies are effortlessly chic and are pretty easy to pull off as well….

For this look, I wanted more of a bohemian touch! So, I paired my multiple color aztec print maxi skirt with a plain black tank, which acted as a neutral base for my over powering maxi skirt and threw on loads of pearl strings… Added a pair of mint green heels maintain the cooler color palette. One trend which is here to stay is the “Aztec Print”…. Be it a moroccon holiday or a weekend festival, Aztec prints are the hottest summer trend you must definitely try your hands on…








PicsArt_1399224083864Hope you guys liked it and thank you so much for reading…. 🙂

Love, Urva …   🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Untill then, hope to see you guys on Facebook, having a lot of fun with daily posts there…

:: wearing ::

Top, Plain Black Tank, #code| Bottom, Tribal Print Maxi Skirt, #anitadongre| Shoes, Mint Blue Pumps, #forever21| Accessories, Pearls, #gifted : Rose Gold Watch, #fossil : Mint Blue Bangle, #colabacauseway : Golden Nuckle Rings, #forever21|

11 Comments Add yours

  1. juliwilliams says:

    Love this outfit. 🙂 I did a post with a maxi dress too would love if you checked it out
    Juli Xx


    1. I’m glad you liked the look Juli…
      Visited your blog and loved the way you styled the maxi dress too. ..
      Following you now. ..
      Are you by any chance on Facebook. ..I tried to look out for your page but couldn’t. .. 😦


      1. juliwilliams says:

        Yes I am, I just recently added one so I haven’t added it to my page but it is:


      2. Oh great.


      3. Hey liked your page. .. Your page looks quite chic! All the best with it. .. 🙂
        Would love if you find time to check my page out on Facebook.


      4. juliwilliams says:

        Of course! I already did. 🙂
        Juli Xx


      5. Loryn says:

        This inteudocrs a pleasingly rational point of view.


  2. mariaoska says:

    Lovely outfit ! Your skirt is amazing, so pretty 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot Maria… Im glad you liked it… 🙂
      … Loved your blog… Following you now… 🙂


  3. Landon says:

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