Working My Closet :: Denim Shorts

So, there’s just one pair of shorts that I own and hence my efforts and need to find out every possible way to wear the same without making it look like a repetitive syndrome every weekend.. 😛

The one I have is a true denim colour with faded look in the center. I think that a perfect denim shorts/minis is that summer essential you cannot go wrong with. It is that transitional piece in your wardrobe which can help you create a varied range of looks, be it edgy, sexy, the girl next door, depending upon how you dress it down or up.

So, on the same lines, today I’ll be sharing with you guys few looks that I have created around the classic denim shorts, My Own Ways of wearing the Classic … 🙂

1. Hubby’s Tee/ The XL Plaid Look


PicsArt_1397930972448Nothing is as sexy as wearing your guys clothes, right?  Be it, Boyfriend jeans to Boyfriend Blazers, here comes the “Boyfriends Plaid” … 😛

I wore my hubby’s oversized plaid cotton shirt with my denim shorts. Used a slim tan belt to retain my curves, a tote and basic nude pumps to complete the look. 🙂

2. Rock the Edgy Look

PicsArt_1398410915830PicsArt_1398411009941For this style, I chose to pair my denim with a simple black tee. Wore chunky platform heels to achieve that edgy look. A turquoise bubblegum necklace is what was all needed to complete the look. And ya, curling few strands of my hair had a lot to contribute in this whole style.. See outfit details here.

3. The Girl Next Door Look

PicsArt_1398410469921PicsArt_1398410616378PicsArt_1398410690687Hmmm, so this was the easiest of all the looks. Just throw on a sheer loose tee/shirt over your beloved denim, a good pair of flats with your hair let down, and trust me, you can just cannot go wrong with it… 🙂  The one trick that really works well for this look is to remember that, “Funkier your tee is, The Merrier your whole look will get”. Here, I chose to wear a sheer black tee with alphabets scribbled all over it. 🙂 … See outfit details here.

4. The Wrap-Up Cardigan Look

IMG-20140101-WA0024_Anneimg-20140101-wa0019_anneFor this, I just wrapped up an oversized cardigan (outfit details here) and sinched it at my waist with an elastic belt. Loved the beautiful waterfall effect it created 🙂 

Hope you guys liked it and thank you so very much for reading.. 🙂

Untill then, see you on Facebook, having a lot of fun there with daily posts there…. 🙂

Love, Urva


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