Let’s Go Floral…Again!

So, I think it’s always good to re-use your clothes, good for your pocket, good for your experiments and of course, good for your dear hubby as you don’t end up making a huge hole in his pockets every now and then … 😛

But, in a way that every time you wear the same old stuff, you make it look all new and that’s the trick to re-use your old stuff… what say…

PhotoGrid_1389850169328So, today wore my floral skirt again, (last worn here) but with a twist … 🙂

PhotoGrid_1389848322439Wore a steel blue sweater to go with it … Now, what I love about multicolored bottoms, is that you can just team it up with any color at the top… you pick any color from the bottom or just plain black, black or pure whites… Just A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G looks fab with it.

PhotoGrid_1389848956530and the mustard color belt and shoes helped me structure up the look! Wore the belt really low on the waist … felt as it made the look effortlessly chic !

PhotoGrid_1389850012573And here’s to the S.H.O.W S.T.O.P.P.E.R… the turquoise neck piece… loved the way it beautifully framed the neckline of the sweater…

PhotoGrid_1389851799837and the turquoise ring to go with it, which completed the outfit for the day. 🙂

Hope you all liked it and thank you so much for reading!

:: Wearing ::

Top, Steel Blue Sweater, #forevernew|Bottom, Floral Skirt, #koovs.com| Shoes, Mutard heels, #bonbon| Accessories, Statement Necklace & Ring, both, #colabacauseway|

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. manali says:

    Hey Urvashi!!! I am glad you liked my post and thanks a lot for following me…. I just checked out your blog…and I really like it.. I think you look gorgeous..following u back!


    1. Thanks Manali… Im glad you like it… 🙂
      Keep Rocking… Will look forward to see your posts now…


    2. Thanks manali…
      Feeling happy. ..


  2. vivek says:

    you are really a fashion freak, shopaholic don’t take it otherwise. You are gorgeous in each one of them. God bless you.


    1. Hehe… Thanks a lot Vivek… and I know that am a Fashion Freak… I tk that as a compliment!


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