Double D Drama :: The Multiple Belts Statement!

Helllo Everyone, hope you all are doing greattt….! So, was fidgiting with my belts and look what I invented… 🙂 🙂 🙂

PhotoGrid_1389760245855The Double belted look…. and it seems that it really worked, if I were to believe the comments I received at work… 🙂 The trick here was to work with two belts of more or less the same width.

PhotoGrid_1389760022014Went all black for the upper half to truly draw the attention to the statement belts… while the beige lower half helped balance out the look..


PhotoGrid_1389761493988A face ring and a pair of heels… 🙂

PhotoGrid_1389760614379Hope you guys liked it….

Untill then keep belting and thank you so much for reading!

:: Wearing ::

Top, Black lace sheer top, #Veromoda| Outerwear, puffed sleeves blazer, #allensolly| Bottom, Biege Pencil Trousers, #arrow| Accessories, both the belts, #fbb; Finger Ring, #galsaccesshurry| Shoes, Black Cut-out Heels, #metro|

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