My Top 5 favorite Macs!

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend!

Today, I thought I’ll share with you guys my love for Mac… 

DSC06346And by love I mean my love for MAC Lipsticks… 🙂

DSC063481st Love :: MAC “Amorous” which is in SaTiN Finish.. is a deep plummy pink shade and glides on super smooth with a staying power of almost 4 hours…


DSC063552nd Love :: Mac “Chilli” in MaTtE Finish….is gorgeous burnt orangey red color- as hot and spicey as a Chilli itself! It is highly pigmented with a good 6 hour staying power…

DSC063563rd Love :: Mac “Retro” in SatIN Finish… is an everyday wearable kind of lipstick which is non drying and keeps your lips hydrated all day long…

DSC063574th Love :: Mac “Hot Tahiti” in GlAzE Finish…is a slightly warm rosy red with a sheer but build-able finish and a soft sheen…

DSC063585th Love :: Mac “See Sheer” in LuStRe Finish …  is a semi sheer peachy coral lipstick with soft glossy finish to it…

and now for the swatches…

DSC06360In Day Light… (In the same order as that of the pics)

DSC06361In the dark… (same order as that of the pics before)

So, this is my all time favorites and swear by these lipsticks… 🙂

Hope you guys like them too….:)

Until then, Keep Flaunting Your Lip Shades… 😉 🙂

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