Satin Sin :: Black Satin + Purple Pants!

Hello there Beautiful People…
Hope you all are doing good!

PhotoGrid_1389164022927So, found this satin shirt hiding somewhere in my cupboard today morning which I’d almost forgotten about.. PhotoGrid_1389157267611
In fact it is one of my very old shirts that I owe and I was so excited to finally put a look around it…. 
Really love the way this satin feels against my skin… it kind of instantly makes you feel that you’re beautiful. Its structured sleeves pattern gives it a more polished look.
To complement its flowing silhouette, I chose to pair it up with structured burgundy colour pencil trousers. Though I am aware that both the pairings belong to the dark side of the color family but I really liked how the entire outfit was looking. After all, who said that there are any “Fashion Rules” anyways….in fact Fashion is all about “Creating your own Rules”…isn’t it? 
PhotoGrid_1389157649528Added these long strings of white and gold chains which I felt made the satin black look even more gorgeous and also accentuated the colour.

PhotoGrid_1389157553904And for the shoes, I just wore these mustard ones and this is the one I always end up wearing when I just can’t figure out which one would go best with the outfit. But trust you me, these mustard ones never fails me in doing its job!

Hope you guys liked this look and thank you so much for reading. 🙂


Top, Black Satin Button Up shirt, #Parkavenue| Bottom, Purple Pencil Pants, #UCB| Accessories, Chain, #fbb; Watch, balck leather men’s watch, #titan; belt, mustard leather belt, #pepper| Shoes, mustard color heels, #bonbon|

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