Color Blocking :: Mustard + Red !

Happy Monday people….:)

So, it’s the start of a hectic week and some real bright colors can always help you kick-start it real good! I know, that it has been a while since the “Color-Blocking” Trend did seep into the fashion & Styling World, but I always somehow felt that it might not work in the corporate world because of the multiple color palette. So, here I am, finally giving it a shot.

PhotoGrid_1388986264182PhotoGrid_1388987234977-1A Plain Sheer mustard blouse to beautifully contrast my maroon anklers. The detailed neckline of the blouse made me refrain from any other accessory for the neck…

PhotoGrid_1388988048461But only a huge  gold stone ring to dress up my naked fingers .. 😛 🙂

PhotoGrid_1388989267782 PhotoGrid_1388988953022Added a White & Black Flower Lace Blazer to calm down the look a lil bit ! A pair of mustard heels completed the look!

PhotoGrid_1388987935373 PhotoGrid_1388989379863Ooops!! How did I forget to mention the White Bag…? In fact, this cutie completed my look and not the mustard ones… 😛

I really had fun putting and carrying this outfit together, Hope you guys liked it too and thank you so much for reading… 🙂

:: Wearing ::

Top, Mustard Collar Blouse, #Max| Outerwear, Black & White Flower Lace Blazer, #Max| Bottoms, Maroon Anklers, #Veromoda| Shoes, Mustard Heels, #Bonbon| Accessories, Fingerring, #shopper’sstop, Bag, #Esbeda|

5 Comments Add yours

    1. Thanks a tone Andy…. really appreciate you dropping by my blog and glad you liked it. .. 🙂


  1. love it the mix of the colours create a seattle contrast, pls feel free to check out my blog


    1. Heyi jacqueline… Im really glad that you liked it..
      You have a great blog out there and really loved your dressing sense,,, So following you now…
      God Bless..


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