It’s a Good Good Day :: Color Blocked Shoes + Ankle Pants !

Hello People…

Hope you all are doing great…! Well, for me…I am doing just awesome… as I got myself a new pair of heels today… yuppiieee…. 🙂 !! Seriously, nothing….just nothing can rejuvenate a girl more than “Retail Therapy”!! 😉 🙂

PhotoGrid_1388940941777So, for the day out shopping, was wearing this really vibrant combination… 


PhotoGrid_1388941140278PhotoGrid_1388940477804PhotoGrid_1388941457128Cobalt blue Ankle length pants complimenting the black heart printed shirt… to the contrary, i feel ankle length bottoms do make one look longer though they cut your length. But the trick of looking longer with ankle pants only work when they really fit you well and when worn with heels… 🙂

accessorized with white color add-ons to break down the bright Blue and the black and carried a big black clutch to complete the look…! 

And for the Real Hero of this outfit… PhotoGrid_1388940791621Just couldn’t resist wearing these sexies after i bought them and pose in them as well 😛

PhotoGrid_1388940691377 My smile itself says it all as to how happy they made me… 🙂PhotoGrid_1388940589001So, over and all, i had a pretty perfect day and hope you had the same… 🙂

Until then, take good care of yourself and thank you so much for reading … 🙂


Top, Heart Printed Black Skirt, #Colabacauseway| Bottom, Cobalt Blue Ankle Pants, #Veromoda| Shoes, Color blocked, #Enroute| Accessories, White & Gold String of Chains, #fbb, Ring, White Ethnic, #Shopperstop, Clutch, #allensolly|

4 Comments Add yours

  1. BeingZhenya says:

    I absolutely love your look!


    1. Thanks Zhenya…. 🙂
      I’m really glad you liked it…!
      Have a great day…



  2. Thanks Diana…. Im really glad you liked it… 🙂
    Even I went through your blog… Must compliment your sense of style…thoroughly loved it…!
    and now following you..
    God Bless.
    Urva 🙂


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