The Envious Green :: Black Peplum + Green Pants!

Hey Guys,

So I’m back for a quick “Hi” and to share my Outfit of the Day with you…

DSC06103_Anne-1So, now any “peplum” is quite dressy and structured in itself and so to balance the whole outfit, I paired the top up with a bottom which is a little loose in fitting… By doing that I made sure that I didn’t go way to overboard with my formal wear… 🙂

DSC06129_AnneReally love wearing a belt at the peplum waist as I feel it is such an easy and effortless way to instantly polish up the whole look and at the same time keeps me rooted to my formal look…so, wore a bottle green belt… 🙂


DSC06111_Julia-1Strappy black heels (though I am aware that strappies aren’t the formal ones,…but I really loved the way these cuties were complimenting the whole look…) so…took a plunge… 😛 🙂

DSC06131_AnneSome Bottle green beads on the neck to complete the look… 🙂

Hope you guys liked it and thank you so much for reading… 🙂


Top, Black Peplum, #Splash| Bottoms, American Folds Pants, Allensolly| Shoes, Strappy heels, #Metro| Accessories, Snake Skin Belt, #Fbb, Green Beads, #Colabacauseway|

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