it’s gonna be a Happy 2014 :: Oversized Cardigan + Denim Mini !

Hey Guys…

Hope you guys had a blast on the New Years eve… and as for me… well… I stayed back home with my hubby and decided to have a pizza and vodka party in our pyajamas. instead.. 😛 and trust you me,…I thoroughly enjoyed it … 🙂

and the next day… it was even more fun as it was filled with shopping.. 🙂

IMG-20140101-WA0024_AnneSo, wore these over sized cardigan over a white cammisole and classic denim…

IMG-20140101-WA0019_AnneA structured bag in white with black piping complimented the color pattern and was huge enough to store my essentials for a day out shopping… 🙂

IMG-20140101-WA0021_Anne-1IMG-20140101-WA0020_AnneAdded a nude belt at the waist which helped me retain my shape and nude ballerinas to keep me at ease the whole day…. 🙂

IMG-20140101-WA0023_AntonioAdded some turquoise color accessories to fill in for the lack of color… and was all set to go… 🙂

Hope you guys too had a wonderful beginning of the year and thank you so much for reading…

Love, Urva

:: Wearing ::

Top, white camisole, #DJ&C| Outerwear, Oversized Waterfall Cardigan, #Pepper| Bottom, Denim Skirt, #Forever21| Shoes, Nude Ballerinas, #Max| Accessories, Monochrome Bag, #Esbeda|

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