Happy New year :: Studded Collars + Green Pants!

Hello Beautiful People….

So, I am back for a quick “Hi” and to share what I wore today..

Hope you guys like it… 🙂



Studded collars are literally everywhere… so was thinking out for a way I can incorporate the same in my formal wear given that it is quite loud in itself… and hence, thought of layering it up with an earthy shade on top of it… and little touch of color on my trousers… 🙂



Some earthy toned Strappy booties and my favourite owl on the neck did the rest of the job…. 🙂
Signing off….with loads and loads of wishes for the coming 2014.. and hope you guys have a fabulous time ahead… and Thank you very much for reading… 🙂


Urva.. 🙂


Top, Sheer Black Studded Collar Shirt, #Max| Outerwear, Earthy Tone light Sweater, #Zync| Bottoms, Green Pencil Pants, #Allensolly| Shoes, Strappy Booties, #Bonbon| Accessories, Black Stone owl pendant, #galsaccesshurry|

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