Burgundy Pants + Christmas Green Blazers !

Nothing excites me more as much as Friday Does…. So…. Friday Dressing @work is “Happy Dressing” 🙂 😛

PhotoGrid_1388116813697_Juliawore my favourite burgundy pants with this really bright ‘Christmas Green’ blazer… No wonder I’m feeling very happy to sport this color combo after all…. 😛

PhotoGrid_1388118762048_JuliaToned down the vibrancy of the colors with this geometric print neck tie blouse underneath… The geometric print of it also helped me add some structure to this whole look 🙂

PhotoGrid_1388118505673Sported this really chunky finger ring in turquoise Blue to jazz up the look…


DSC06029_AnneSo, that’s it for todays outfit of the day… can’t wait to get out of office now….so that I can finally welcome the weekend in full spirit,,,, if you know what I mean… 😉 😛

Untill then…. thank you so much for reading and have a greattttt weekend ahead guys… 🙂


Top, Biege & Brown Neck Tie Blouse, #kiosha.com| Outerwear, Emerald Green Blazer, #PuneStreet| Bottom, Burgundy pencil Pants, #UnitedColorsOfBenetton| Accessories, Chunky Ring, #ShopperStop| Shoes, Tan Heel, #Bonbon|

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