it’s Cozy :: Black Sweater + Jute Knit Skirt !

Hello Beautiful People…. So it’s finally getting cold here in Mumbai…and it;s making me happy & as I said earlier, I’m finally….F.I.NA.L.L.Y getting to use my cute sweaters…. 🙂

PhotoGrid_1387437229924So, today debuted my cozy black sweater which was gifted long back to me by maa… 🙂 Believe you me, it is almost 8 years old…and still looks new… 🙂 ❤


DSC05522-1_JuliaWore Red Pumps, Red Belt and Red thin string of beads to bring out the color of the Classic black…

Red + Black is a combination that never lets me down and I personally feel that it is the best alternative to the Black + White Monochrome… 🙂

DSC05520-1_JuliaHope you guys liked it and thank you so much for reading… 🙂

Until then, Keep Busy & Happy… 🙂


Top, Black Sweater, #109F| Bottom, Jute knit skirt,| Shoes, Red Pumps, # Metro| Accessories, Red Belt – #Westside, Red Beads, #AjmerStreet|


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