Pre-wedding Get-to-gether :: Chinese Collars + Silk Bottoms !

PhotoGrid_1386922242186Hello Lovely People….. So, it being a month full of celebrations & Weddings, I had to attend yet another pre-wedding get together of a close friend and yet another best reason to dress up in a traditional attire… Hence, came out one of my favorite bright blue and yellow Chinese collar tunic in pure cotton…..

DSC05304_AnneReally loved the yellow piping across its collar and sleeves which is simple yet chic… ! 

DSC05270_AnneCombined it with a bright yellow silk “patiala” (Flared bottom with tightens up at the ankle) which kept me all free and breezy throughout the day 🙂

DSC05278_AnneA big fat yellow “bindi”, golden bangles and heels to complete the look… ! 🙂

DSC05286_AnneI had a pretty good time at the function and now very much looking forward to the awesome weekend ahead,,,, 

Hope you guys have a wonderful Friday and that you all are looking forward to the weekend as well… 🙂 Thanks so much for reading… 🙂

Take care…. Buuhhbuuuyyyeee……! 🙂

::Wearing:: Cotton Chinese Collar Tunic, #Biba| Silk Patiala,#Tailored| Mojris, #Ethnicity| Golden Bangles, #UdaipurStreet|

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