Looking Forward to the Week… :)

It’s MONDAY… and the week has just begun… but this time, unlike the other times, I am actually looking forward to it.. perhaps it’s the effect of a very good relaxed weekend… 😉

looking forward to a lot of good thigs this week…and more than anything else, looking forward to trying out my new remixed work combos @work… 🙂 .. did sit down this weekend with a paper and a pencil trying to come up with ideas of wearing my old clothes with a twist and trust you me, came up with almost 20 different ideas… 🙂 … 😛 …dont know about me, but one person who really loved this exercise of mine…is my cute husband.. 😛 😉 !!! …why wont he be..? after all, i saved on his savings for a couple of weeks more.. 😛

So, today @work I am wearingone of those.. sharing with you guys the pics…. 







DSC04502_AlexI kept shifting between the long and the short necklace and finally zeroed down on to the long string of pears… in fact, they are becoming one of my favourites lately. Really like the way it gives me a height just instantly… 🙂


PhotoGrid_1384758077018Wearing:  Basic Black Tee, #Code| Red Pencil Skirt, #UCB| Animal printed belt, #FBB| Tan Bow Heels, #Bonbon| Pearl Necklace, #GiftFromMaa|

Untill then…

have a great week ahead guys…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kenny says:

    The red pencil skirt is just perfect for showing off curves. Equally the black top is doing a wonderful job too, contrasting with your light skin tone.


    1. Thanks a tone kenny… 🙂


    2. Thanks a tonee Kenny for your lovely comments… 🙂


      1. Kenny says:

        My pleasure, it has been a joy doing so.


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