There’s something about curls … !

So… what a beautiful Friday it is..  especially when you know that tomorrow you can finally sleep till the dawn snoozes off… 😛 … and especially when you have awesome curls to give you company all day long… 🙂 😉

Though, I am blessed with straight hair, I always have been a CURLs GIRL, simply because i feel that they just make anybody look so fab at anytime of the day and they can just dress up the whole attire altogether.. 🙂

 Today, being the Casual Friday @work, I wore my colored jeans, a plain sheer white shirt and one of my favourite scarves… 🙂

PhotoGrid_1384491823142Flaunting it … 😉

DSC04435_AnneAdmiring it … 🙂

DSC04434_AnnePlaying with it … 😛

DSC04419_AnneLoving it … :*





DSC04405_Anne-1Peek-a-Booing it … 😛

DSC04397_AnneCarressing it … 🙂

PhotoGrid_1384493671953Wearing: Sheer white shirt, #Only| Colored jeans, #OVS| Scarf, #109°F| Big fat mens watch, #Allensolly| old school heels, #Catwalk| Moustache-Man ring, #GalsAccessHurry| curls, self made|

Hope you guys too have a great weekend ahead… (why TOO…?) ‘coz I’m sure that I am gonna have one… 😉

Loads  of Love


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