Re-mix – Plaid Shirt

Hello Beautiful People….

Hope you all are doing awesomely good… (i know ‘awesomely’ is not even a word…but it just sounds good… :P)

Now, I dont feel ashamed of the fact that I live on a budget and can’t afford to wear new clothes everyday. I feel proud when I am able to repeat my clothes without looking like the boring same. The mixing & matching sessions in the weekends helps me get more and more ideas on wearing the same piece in different ways..

it’s not only fun to do the permutations & combinations but also great to save on those pennies… :p 😉 . Trust you me, never did i imagine that i can wear my old school plaid shirt to work…but boom… I am…!!!

I am sure there are many other ways of wearing the same but for a now, I am sharing a couple of ways to re-mix your plaid shirt… 🙂

Remixed Plaid Shirt

                                  REMIXEDCasual Vs Formal Plaid

The Casual Plaid

The Casual Plaid                                                                                     5th Nov 2013

DSC04135_AnneWearing: camisole, #CODE| checked button down shirt (used as outerwear), #WRANGLER| Colored jeans, #OVS| Turquoises beads, #COLABA CAUSEWAY| watch, #ASPEN|


The Formal Plaid                                                                                  13th Nov 2013

Wearing: Plaid shirt, #WRANGLER| Tribal Penicl Skirt,| beaded multi colour necklace, #Handloom| Black heels, #Metro| Watch, #Casio|

So, untill then, keep having fun, remix stuffs and keep inventing new styles…



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